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MBG & Events strives in the creation of high profile and highly focused events, where purchasers and suppliers all over the world gather to do business.
MBG & Events corganizes events every year which attract more than 1.000 exhibitor companies, and more than 150 thousand purchasers of diverse industries.


The Argentine Chamber of the Plastics Industry - CAIP: is the business institution that gathers the Plastics conversion industry in Argentina.
With 60 years of history, it was founded on December 28th, 1944 with the following objectives:

  • Gather, and create a relation among the businessmen in this industry;

  • Represent them and defend their rights;

  • Negotiate with the corresponding authorities the actions and regulations necessary to preserve the interests of the sector;

  • Manage and solve all kinds of issues faced by its members;

  • Establish businessmen-workmen relations; and

  • Foster the progress of the Argentine Plastics Industry.

CAIP has consistently stood for the interests and rights of the whole sector before public authorities, as it is the most important representative of the plastics industry.
It has an active participation in the direction of the Unión Industrial Argentina (UIA) and it is a member – together with other associations in the region- ALIPLAST, the Latin American Association of the Plastics Industry.


PWI EVENTS develops and operates more than 25 events per year without losing focus in every business to generate an exponential growth and long-term added value for its customers.
A team of professionals with over 20 years of international experience in the exhibition and fair industry are the key to producing high quality events, focusing on customers and with a high return on investment.

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