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Argenplas 2016

Why to Visit?

Check out the advantages of visiting Argenplás 2018:

  • Looking for new products and services.
  • Comparing products and/or services.
  • Being up to date with the industry’s latest developments.
  • Broadening/maintaining your network of contacts.
  • Making better purchasing decisions with all the event’s exhibitors.
  • Contact with International companies.



Why visit a trade fair?

There are many ways and means of looking for products and suppliers, but only trade fairs enable buyers to fully understand the intended benefits of a product or of a service provided.
Check for yourself, ask your investors and compare performances and products. Examine, question and compare products.

Visitors go to trade fairs:

To see novelties:

Trade shows are recognized as a great place for launching products, and are therefore an extremely efficient way of keeping up to date in a short space of time.

To evaluate products and suppliers:

You can glean competitive information about a wide range of products and suppliers in a short space of time. According to the US based Center For Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), decision-makers are inclined to elect trade fairs more than any other channel as being extremely useful sources in the quest for information when it comes to making a purchase.

To follow developments in the industry and the market:

Trade shows are excellent sources for new ideas and applications and, therefore, play an important role in strategic planning and business generation. MBG & Events works together with associations and communication vehicles to ensure that are our events are at the very forefront of development.

To create communities/generate business contacts:

Trade fairs are the center-point of the industry due to the fact that they attract a wide range of its representatives, from buyers and sellers to trade associations and the press. Seminars, social events, competitions and award ceremonies are all part of a joint program of activities that can be found at MBG & Events, which provide yet another significant benefit.




Other reasons to visit trade shows:

  • To consolidate business relationships.
  • To solve specific problems.
  • To find new markets.
  • To appoint representatives/seek investment.
  • To discuss specific issues/conditions/prices.
  • To obtain technical knowledge.
  • To discuss your business’ requirements in a neutral environment.

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